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August 8 Wind Storm in Weston, FL

Did you know that on August 8th, 2019 there was a 58 mph windstorm in Weston, FL that could have caused severe damage to your property? If you have seen or experience any of the followings, we can help you receive the insurance settlement you deserve:

  • Many tile roof being replaced in your neighborhood in the past year
  • Missing, loose or broken tiles or shingles in your roof
  • Ceiling and/or windows leaks developed after the windstorm
  • Damage stucco and/or siding
  • Any smell or presence of mold
  • Damage screen enclosure

During the last few months, our company had gladly and successfully helped several homeowners around Weston area neighborhoods with their insurance claims. Most of them reached out to us completely unaware of the significant damages in their property and the compensation they were entitled to.

At Five Star Claims Adjusting, we’ll like to offer you a FREE 11-Point Inspection and policy review that will help you determine the full extent of the damages all at once rather than finding them bit by bit in other ways. There’s no cost, no obligation. It’s important to know the full scope of what’s been damaged as quickly as possible. Statutes of limitations mean you only have a certain amount of time to file a claim for hurricane or other damage.

If your insurance company was financially responsible for repairs to your roof and/or to replace your entire roof, would you like to know? Call our office at 954-737-1838 and we will schedule your FREE inspection at a time convenient for you.

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