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Types of Insurance Claims in Florida

Superior Public Claims Adjuster in Coral Gables, FL

If you reside in Coral Gables and you’re looking for a reliable public claims adjuster who can help you with your insurance payouts, you can turn to us at Your Claims Adjuster. Our capable staff can assist you with receiving fast, fair, and equitable settlements from large insurance companies.

We are an independent insurance agency that strives to help policyholders like you make the most of your insurance claims. Indeed, many insurance giants have an army of professionals whose main job is to challenge your insurance claims. So we know how hard it can be to get the payment that you deserve. Without the right support, you might not get a fair payout at all.

That’s why it’s highly beneficial to have a public adjuster on your side. They can help level the playing field and increase your chances of getting a good settlement. We proudly serve individuals in select Florida areas like Biscayne ParkLighthouse Point, and Wilton Manors

Residential and Commercial Claims in Coral Gables, Florida

At Your Claims Adjuster, we fully understand how difficult it can be for homeowners and business owners to get the complete amount from their insurance claims. Sadly, insurance companies have a standard operating procedure where they get an adjuster to reduce the payout. Savvy policyholders counter this tactic by seeking the assistance of public claims adjusters. We can assist you with the following kinds of claims in Coral Gables:

  • Hurricane Insurance Claims: Florida is a hurricane-prone area, so it’s always wise to have enough insurance to cover possible property damage. Our claims adjusters can make sure that you fairly get the maximum payment for your hurricane insurance claims.
  • Toilet and Laundry Overflow Insurance Claims: Toilet and laundry overflow issues are among the leading causes of indoor flooding across the United States. The excess moisture can cause a considerable amount of injury and damage to your property. If this is the result of bad plumbing or a faulty toilet or machine, you are entitled to compensation. When filing a claim, you'll be in far better shape by hiring a public adjuster from Your Claims Adjuster.
  • Failed Drain Line Insurance Claims: Drain lines are sewer pipes that connect your home to the city’s sewer system or to a septic tank. Newer drain lines make use of corrosion-resistant PVC pipes, but older drain pipes are still made of metal, which means they can be damaged by wastewater. If you are applying for a field drain line insurance claim, make sure to get help from Your Claims Adjuster to maximize your claim.

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Have you ever been denied or underpaid after filing an insurance claim? Or are you avoiding the task because you don’t want to deal with the insurance agency? Whatever the case may be, Your Claims Adjuster can help you feel more empowered and get the compensation you are owed from your insurance companies.

We handle claims in Coral Gables, Florida and the greater Miami-Dade area. With a population of 50,999 there are many people who require residential and commerical public claims. We serve the following zipcodes: 33124, 33134, 33144, and 33156 and the following neighborhoods: Riviera, Gables Estates, and Coral Groves. You won't find a better public claims adjuster in Coral Gables.

We cater to individuals in the Greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas, including Pompano BeachHillsboro Beach, and Coral Springs. To get started, give us a call at 954-737-1838 or complete the form on our Contact Us page.

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