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Personal Property Insurance Claim Assistance in Fort Lauderdale & Miami, FL

Personal Property Insurance Claim Assistance in Fort Lauderdale & Miami, FL

Items that you own — jewelry, furniture, electronics, clothes, artwork, and other belongings — are considered personal property. They are usually covered by your homeowner's insurance policy, but there are limits to how much and what your personal property insurance will cover.

It’s smart to keep a list of all the personal property that you own to make it easier to file a claim if necessary. The insurance company may cover the cost to buy a new one in case of damage, or they can provide you with the needed funds to replace or repair your personal property minus depreciation. It’s important that you clarify these points with your insurance agent before buying an insurance policy.

For personal property insurance claims in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and throughout South Florida, you can rely on Your Claims Adjuster to help maximize your settlement in negotiations with your insurance provider.

How Your Claims Adjuster Helps with Personal Property Insurance Claims in Miami

We can help you maximize the dollar amount you can get from your insurance company. First, we assess the extent of the damage and make sure that there are no underlying damages that are not reported. We check your insurance coverage and the associated deadlines to make sure everything is in order. We evaluate the damage and estimate how much you’ll actually need to put things back as they were before.

We may need the help of professionals such as engineers and financial consultants to make a strong case. We gather forensic evidence and documentation to build your case. Contractors and adjusters will want to evaluate the damage, and we’ll coordinate that for you. Finally, we’ll represent you and your interests in a meeting with the insurance company. All through these, you retain the power to decide on how to allocate whatever funds are granted. You and you alone will decide how you spend the money.

Services Offered by Your Claims Adjuster in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A public adjuster from Your Claims Adjuster will increase your chance of maximizing the settlement from your insurance provider in a claim for damages. Our company settles all kinds of claims, not just those involving personal property. We also can help with:

Get the Best Insurance Claims Settlements in South Florida from Your Claims Adjuster

Filing an insurance claim with help from Your Claims Adjuster will maximize the amount you receive from your insurance provider. Our public adjusters level the playing field for policyholders in the claims process and fight to get you a fair and equitable settlement check. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 954-737-1838.


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